Athina Souli

Architectural and fine art photographer based in Athens, Greece.

She is a graduate of the Technological Educational Institution of Athens with a B.A. in Photography and Audiovisual Arts and she has also studied Business Administration in the University of Patras.

What triggers her interest in photography and videography is human intervention in nature and the levels that the interplay between geometrical lines and light creates. In her series and personal projects, she captures stories behind the obvious frame in a highly topographic way, especially in a relation to social and anthropological issues.

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Kypseli, Athens
Tel +30 694 2525 928



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Archdaily, Horizon house
Domus, Horizon house
LiFO, H_orizon
Popaganda, Arcadia in Flux
Tvxs, Σκόρος
Open Democracy, Anti-consumption in crisis

EK magazine, April 2018
R.C.TECH book

/Studio Galerie B&B, Paris - The Print Swap show by Feature Shoot, May 2019
/Trii Art Hub, Athens - group exhibition 2018
/Benaki Museum, Athens - Architectural awards 2017
/Romantso, Athens - group exhibition 2017

/Commons Festival, Athens 2017
/ERT3 State channel, TV screening 2017
/Thessaloniki Documentary Festival, official selection at Greek Panorama 2016
/Festival of Solidarity & Collaborative Economy, Athens 2015

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